A good pair of gloves is perhaps the most essential part of a cyclist’s winter wardrobe. Forget your fancy jackets, cosy base layers and thick tights – if your hands get cold and wet the whole ride is ruined, it’s as simple as that. And that’s before you mention that if they get too cold, you stop being able to feel your brakes.

Keeping your hands warm when cycling is no easy feat. They’re right in the firing line with cold wind blowing against them the whole time you’re moving. That means if the thermometer says it’s a few degrees above freezing, your hands are probably experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Even when you start pushing the pace and the rest of your body warms up, your hands stay isolated and frozen on the handlebars.

To combat the winter cold you need a good-quality pair of gloves for your cycle commute. We’ve rounded up the top cycling gloves available right now so you never have to suffer numb fingers again.

Kalf ZERO Men’s Gloves

Kalf offers a range of options for commuters, of which the ZERO gloves are the best option for mid-winter rides. They’re waterproof and have enough insulation to protect against the chill, but not so much that they become cumbersomely bulky. There’s also a reflective strip on the back to increase night-time visibility, softer sections to wipe your nose with mid-ride, and touchscreen-friendly fabric on the index fingers so you can use your phone without exposing your hands to the cold. £40, buy on evanscycles.com

Showers Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Knit Gloves

These knit gloves are a little different to the insulated mittens most opt for during the winter months – but despite being lightweight and breathable, this pair are completely waterproof. They’re ideal for drizzly days when the temperature is high single digits, rather than completely freezing, because they aren’t so warm as to make your hands sweat, and you can easily slip a liner glove under them when it’s arctic outside. £34, buy on showerspass.co.uk

Sealskinz All Weather Cycle XP Gloves

Despite the fact that they are water and windproof, Sealskinz all-weather gloves are not at all bulky, which means you retain the dexterity to control your bike with ease, as well as fish things out of your rucksack in a hurry. The Sealskinz gloves offer a snug fit so they aren’t the easiest to pull off and on quickly, but once they’re on you can banish any fears about freezing fingers on your commute. £39.99, buy on evanscycles.com

dhb Extreme Winter Gloves

These chunky insulated gloves should see you through commutes even when the temperature drops to low single digits, and there’s room underneath for a liner glove if you carry on cycling when it gets even colder than that. The dhb Extreme gloves have a waterproof membrane and a fleecy lining so they feel comfortable next to your skin. Mmm… fleecy. £30, buy on wiggle.co.uk

Endura Luminite Waterproof Glove

Opt for the yellow version of the Luminite gloves and you’re not only getting protection from water and wind on your commute, you’re also enhancing your visibility. The bright yellow fabric will show up in the day, then during night rides the reflective strip and knuckle flashes will help other road users clock your indicating arm. £37.99, buy on evanscycles.com

dhb Roubaix Liner Gloves

Whichever winter glove you go for, there’s value in also picking up a liner glove, which you can slip underneath your main glove for extra insulation when the temperature drops below zero. These stretchy, lightweight gloves will serve you well by themselves in the spring and autumn, and then fit underneath bulkier gloves come the depths of winter. £12, buy on wiggle.co.uk


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